Rent Overcharge

Rent Regulators, along with our team of lawyers, carefully analyzes tenants rent history and leases to make sure they are paying no more than what is required by law. In the event that a tenant is being overcharged, we immediately begin the process of seeking out money owed as well as lowering the rent to the legal amount. A landlord can be held liable for triple damages plus interest.
Example: If a rent overcharge totaled to $10,000 a tenant can collect up to $30,000 plus interest.

Tenant Buy-out

Rent Regulator’s extensive knowledge as licensed real estate brokers allows us to analyze and underwrite properties to ensure that tenants do not leave any money on the table. By aligning themselves with successful lawyers, each tenant can rest assured that they have the best team going to bat for them.

We do NOT charge consultation fees. We get paid only if and when we win your case, whether it is an overcharge or buyout. We get a percentage of your returns upon the completion of a successful case. We only get paid if you do.

What is a Rent History?

A rent history is a collection of the annual registered rents for a Rent Stabilized apartment. Since 1984, the Division of Housing Community Renewal has been collecting and recording data on both the legal and preferential rent for each Rent Stabilized apartment. Under law, the rent information provided is confidential and can only be released to the apartment’s legal tenant, the building owner, or their authorized representative.

How to Get Your Rent History

There are three ways to get your rent History: 1. Phone 718 739 6400 2. E-mail 3. In person or mail at 92-31 Union Hall Street, Jamaica, New York 11433. For quick and easy access to your rent history, we have a ready-made email for you to send to DHCR, just fill in your name and address and they will mail it to you within a week. Once you get your rent History Contact Us and we will give you the Green, Yellow or Red Light.
“Your Home, Your Light.”

For quick and easy access to your rent history,
please call the number below or feel free to send an email by clicking here

Legal Rent Vs Preferential Rent

  • A preferential rent is a rental amount that is less than the maximum allowed amount that can be legally charged under the Rent Stabilization Law and Rent Stabilization Code.
  • A legal rent is the maximum rent a landlord can collect under the Rent Stabilization Law and Rent Stabilization code.
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Rent Stabilization’s Biggest Issues

Many Rent Stabilization apartments are not being registered with the State and as a result are incorrectly treated as free market.

They are not properly following the allowable rent increases set forth by the Rent Guidelines Board.

Apartments are being illegally removed from Rent Stabilization.

Owners do not need to provide tenants proof for Individual Apartment Improvements.

Save Big and Feed the Pig

According to DHCR for the Fiscal year 2014/2015 there were 1033 rent reductions orders issued.

“In almost half of all of units (45%), rent histories show registered rents are above the legal amount. This 45% does not include the substantial number of units (an additional 12%) in which we found that landlords failed to register any rents in recent years, making it impossible to determine the existence of rent fraud” a study published by Road To New York stated.

Rights of Rent Stabilized Tenants

Limitation on rent increases.

Statutory right to renew your lease(some exceptions apply).

Tenant has the right to choose a 1-year or 2-year lease.

Your security deposit cannot exceed one month’s rent.

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